What you can expect even before you enter my office is a friendly voice on the phone scheduling you for an appointment and trying to answer any non health related questions you may have such as office hours, cost,  time availabilities or directions. If you have health related questions that you need answered before seeing Dr. Strauss, he will personally call you by the end of his day. The staff can send you new patient forms or you can download forms from this website to fill out before you arrive to save you time and alert Dr. Strauss about your condition.

When you finally do arrive at Strauss Chiropractic, a comprehensive history and consultation will be taken by the doctor and a diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed and accepted by you before your healing session begins. You are gowned for this first visit but it is usually not necessary on follow-up  visits.  All rooms are private with the choice of soothing music or still quiet. Plan on spending around 45 minutes on your first visit and about fifteen on future sessions.

Walk-ins, or more appropriately, call-ins are welcome though they may have to wait a short while to see Dr. Strauss.

When you leave the office after your first visit, you'll have an understanding of your condition and a treatment plan that has been mutually agreed upon and a feeling that you have been treated by a skillful, caring, healing doctor who considers your best health a priority.