Average Yelp review score - 5 stars!

"...I had been to my regular doctor, who hadn't been able to help me. We had tried meds, an ultrasound, etc. but nothing was working. Then I saw Dr. Strauss, and after the first appointment I felt so much better. The pain had almost disappeared...."

"Dr. Strauss is my first chiropractor. I have to say he is excellent. My back was killing me prior to my first visit, and now it feels, well, normal. I can't remember the last time my back felt this good.

I recommend Dr. Strauss to anyone who needs or wants a  chiropractor. He is very professional, courteous, has a flexible schedule, and he knows exactly what he's doing. Thank you Dr. Strauss!!"
b g.
San Rafael, CA

"Mark is perhaps expensive but I found well worth it. I have had a lasting correction, done with skill for the lower back and also for a modest mid back adjustment, never had been done before."
basil g.
Albion, CA

"My neck had been hurting for ages and the traditional physical therapy approach was of absolutely no use. Massages helped for awhile but no longer had any lasting affect. Then my lower back started to hurt. Thankfully a neighbor recommended that I see Dr. Strauss.

The office is clean and pleasant, beautiful actually. The scheduling is very flexible, drop in for emergencies. My spine is aligned and I regret not knowing about Dr. Strauss earlier. I could have avoided a couple of years of pain."
Karen C.
San Rafael, CA

"Dr. Strauss has been by chiropractor for over 20 years.  During those years, I have trusted him with my health and wellness on many different levels. Like most active people, I suffer from low-grade back problems.  Dr. Strauss has helped me to remain pain and symptom free. If it were not for the doctor's treatments, I could not tolerate my job as a flight attendant which puts a lot of stress on my lower back and neck.

Dr. Strauss has coached me on the best exercises to strengthen my back and cautioned me about which movements to avoid. I highly recommend Dr. Strauss for any of your chiropractic needs."
Margaret B.
Novato, CA

"I've had chronic back pain for many years and once again hurt my lower back lifting my 30lb toddler the wrong way. I found Dr. Strauss by doing a search for Chiropractors in San Rafael. After reading several positive reviews and looking at the his website I gave him a call the Monday before Christmas. He saw me that afternoon and after a thorough exam he went to work on my back. First with several minutes of heat to relax the muscles and then with a series of adjustments that made a world of difference.

He didn't just treat the systems but explained the cause and is helping me change my lifestyle so I can live a back pain free life. I've tried at least a half dozen Chiropractors over the years and Dr. Strauss is by far the best and hopefully my last."
Al d.
San Rafael, CA

"Best chiropractor around!
I've had back problems my whole life due to a childhood injury.Three years ago someone recommended Dr Strauss,I reluctantly went in expecting the same:half results,but was very surprised with the outcome.Whenever I'm having trouble,I swing by to get adjusted,and with his "open schedule format" I can come by anytime they're open!
As good as it gets."
Jean Hebert
jean h.
San Rafael, CA
Updated - 8/1/2009

"About 30 years ago I got a terrible back injury and since then have had my share of back and hip troubles.Believe me I've been to lots of chiropractors until I came to Strauss chiropractic.This guy knows his stuff!I am a stone mason and tile setter and my work is physically very demanding, so I need someone who knows how to get me back to par. Strauss is the best!"

I highly recommend Dr. Mark Strauss for musculoskeletal pain treatment."
Richard Warshell, MD. Internal Medicine, ABIM
Chicago, IL

Two weeks ago I called Dr. Strauss because I had been in terrible constant pain for the previous 2 and a half weeks.  He spoke with me on the phone for a few minutes, and I made an appointment.  I had been to my regular doctor, who hadn't been able to help me.  We had tried meds, an ultrasound, etc. but nothing was working.  Then I saw Dr. Strauss, and after the first appointment I felt so much better.  The pain had almost disappeared.  Now, I have just finished my 4th appt. and I am happy to report that I feel so much better.  10 years ago I had a negative experience w/ a chiropractor, so I was a bit weary, but not any more. 

If you are like me, and you see him, you'll see what I mean.  He is very talented, and he is kind and gentle -- a special kind of healer.  I am very grateful to him, and I plan to continue to see him."
peter g.
San Rafael, CA

"Regrettably,  I was in too many car accidents in the last twenty years. I had Lawyers sending me hither and yon for Chiropractic treatment . Some OK some not OK. In the early 90's I was in yet another crash and this time I went looking for my own for care. Right in my own little  hometown of San Rafael., I found the best that ever was or will be.Some have the touch and the groove. The Good Dr. Strauss is one of those gifted ones. His entire approach gives you a sense about his insight to healing.  Not only his special brand of handling your body but his personal touch and caring style goes well beyond what is expected of most in his profession. The most endearing thing about my most entertaining visits with Dr. Strauss is the residual effect. Not only or you made whole again on the spot by his strong and confident administering style but you are likely to get a complimentary adjustment when you walk around the next day. I call them "Angel Cracks" in honor of his seemingly mystical and meta-physical spirit that seems to be present when your body is soothing in the afterglow as if having been blessed by the the High Priest of Chiropractic Health. That's Dr. Strauss. Be Glad when he's in the House! He has been in mine now for seventeen years."
George F.
San Rafael, CA

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Strauss. He's knowledgeable, caring and an excellent adjuster who has not only years of experience but is constantly finding new ways to treat any of the issues I come to him for. He adjusts my wrists, and elbows when i need it and of course my neck and back which he does better than anyone I've ever had in the past. The office is warm, calming and beautiful. It's such a pleasure to go there.
Dr. Strauss is THE BEST!

"I have been seeing Dr. Strauss for only a couple of months, but I plan on being a loyal patient. He is very thorough, extremely caring, professional and always makes my back feel better. His office is calming and I instantly relax walking in from the busy world. I highly recommend Dr. Strauss."
bernard z.
San Rafael, CA
Updated - 7/23/2008

"I had two back to back (no pun intended) car accidents and was in bad shape. By early afternoon, I could no longer sit comfortably in my work station. Dr. Strauss identified the injuries and I was quickly feeling better. Over a year has passed and I feel no residual pain. He has a very gentle manner and was always prompt and ready when I arrived for treatment."
Andrew D.
Fairfax, CA

"I highly recommend Dr. Mark Strauss to those that have muscle or joint pain.  During the first visit, Mark Strauss takes out extra time to do a thorough intake, so he can assess why you feel the way you do.  I didn't even realize that I had a hard time extending my neck back
until Dr. Strauss adjusted it.  As a doctor, I learned how to do joint manipulations, so I can tell you first hand that Dr. Strauss not only knows what he's doing, but does it well.  He is gentle, funny, and just a pleasure to be around.  If you have any pain and you want relief, do yourself a favor and enjoy the magic hands of Dr. Strauss."
Jimmy M.
Fairfax, CA

"I have been seeing Dr. Strauss for almost four years and I have to say he is a great chiropractor. I came in to see him after I tweaked my lower back  from moving an extremely heavy marble table. After a couple of visits I was pretty much back to normal and very grateful. I can highly recommend him!"
Teerth G.
San Rafael, CA