Chiropractic is a great gift! It is a combination of science and art that is an invaluable resource for our bodies. Daily responsibilities of deskwork, driving, repetitive motions and non-ergonomically correct situations are constantly taxing our musculoskeletal frame. Greater physical demands can lead to overworked muscles, mild to moderate strains or sprains and faulty biomechanics. Other more direct injuries such as falls, car accidents or sports injuries will also cause these more acute sprains and other forms of trauma to present in the office with more acute symptoms.

If you have experienced any of these bodily traumas which are either immediately noticeable or which are less obvious, Strauss Chiropractic can provide relaxation of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, and restoration of your skeletal articulations-joints to their normal range of motion.

At Strauss Chiropractic, stretching, traction, heat and trigger point therapy are often used as supportive therapy around the adjustment. Active release technique, a treatment in which a patient moves their spine or extremity through its range of motion while the doctor applies stretch and pressure to improve movement and decrease pain. Another soft tissue technique that is used as a support to the manipulations performed is Post isometric relaxation stretching, an active stretching protocol which provides far deeper elongation of shortened muscles (without the risk of injury) than any other conventional assisted stretching technique.