Mark Strauss Sports Chiropractic San Rafael Chiropractor, Marin, Terra Linda, Fairfax, San Anselmo, Kentfield, Ross, Tiburon
Mark Strauss Sports Chiropractic: San Rafael Chiropractor, Terra Linda, Fairfax, San Anselmo, Kentfield, Ross, Tiburon
The goal at Strauss Chiropractic is to provide a healing, nurturing office where your health is the priority both in the treatment room where you receive your adjustments, and at home where you perform the specific exercises and stretches the doctor has demonstrated and explained while you are in the office. You will experience the power of chiropractic and other supportive care along with the knowledge you need to transform your health and journey along life's great path - feeling healthier, happier, energized and with much less or no pain at all.

Doctor Mark Strauss, San Rafael Chiropractor
With over nineteen years of experience, San Rafael chiropractor Mark Strauss can restore and maintain your musculoskeletal health to a fully functional, pain-free state. We offer both ultrasound and interferential current physical therapy as well as balance and traction devices to assist you and the doctor on your healing path. Pillows, braces, orthotics and supports are used when they will decrease symptoms and assist in maintaining a normal life. We offer a wide variety of pillows, braces and supports in order to provide the right selection for you. We also have loaner pillows available on a trial basis to see if the support you were given is indeed giving you a restful sleep and providing a comfortable, proper position for your neck.

Massage therapy is available in the office by Certified Massage Therapists who are in contact with Doctor Strauss on your areas of complaint and on conditions pertinent to your massage and health.

Serving San Rafael, Fairfax, Terra Linda, Fairfax, Tiburon, San Anselmo, Kentfield, Ross & greater Marin
Strauss Chiropractic is located in San Rafael.


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